Exactly opposite Valun, along the range of plateaus that rise on the central part of the island, and chained to the top of the hill is where the village Lubenice is situated, bravely resisting storms and wind gusts. The Romans, therefore, named this place Hibernicia (meaning Winterly), building an unassailable fortress that rises on top of a 378m high cliff, sheltered from the east by a protective wall with two doors. Once there, the first impression you get is that you are on deck of a firmly anchored ship, carrying you into another time dimension.

Traces of the village's glorious past are still clearly visible, such as the gun slits and the port - holes built in the fortress walls. It's enough just to climb on the short wall that encircles the city square to fell intoxicated, feeling like a seagull that freely glides over the tempestuous surface of the navy - blue sea. Concerts of classical music are being held here during the warm summer evenings in an atmosphere of magical concentration, and there is a multi - medial art center in the works. Standing next to the Church of St. Anthony , on the outskirts of the village, one notices the motel, which was formerly the bell - tower's atrium.

There is another church nearby, the Parochial Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, which used to be a canonical seat.


The Island of Cres hides many picturesque places, beautiful bays and beaches. One of the most beautiful on the island is the beach Sv. Ivan, which is located in a bay beneath the settlement Lubenice. A magnificent view from the narrow cliffs discovers beautiful white pebbly beach to which you can get by narrow paths from Lubenice.

If you are not very skilled, we reccomend you to get to the beach by a boat. The beach is never crowded so here you can get your peace and privacy.


Lubenice is a dramatic settlement, 22 km southwest of the town of Cres. An unusual town built out of stone was built on a 378 m high cliff, visited by many tourists on the island; once it used to serve as a watchtower and a shelter. In the main square is konoba "Lubenicka loza" (Lubenice Lodge) a small tavern with local vine, cheeses, prosciutto. It has a spectacular view over the sea and islands from the village walls.
Down below, at the foot of Lubenice, a small bay with the most wonderful beach of St. John (Sv. Ivan) is situated. It takes about 45 minutes to walk down and about one hour to climb back up. The beach is often visited by yachts. It is a virgin beach with clear water and aquatic life of an aquarium.
The beach directly below - a 45-minute walk down, an hour-long clamber back up - has the clear water and aquatic life of an aquarium.
Lubenice is a special, isolated place with a feel of mystery and solitude.





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